Bottarga Squash (Grain-Free)

bottarga squash

I think I have found spaghetti squash’s true calling; Bottarga Squash. This is a grain-free alternative to one of my favorite dishes, Bottarga Pasta. Bottarga, commonly referred to as the Mediterranean caviar, is the roe (fish eggs) of tuna or grey mullet that has been salt cured and dried. The briny flavor of the bottarga revitalizes the blandness of the squash. I feel healthier when I limit my grain consumption and was excited this remake actually worked.

There are different reasons for eliminating grains in the diet. Grains require proper preparation methods to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which allows for better digestion. Though promoted as healthy foods, whole grains can be the cause of many health issues. Some healing diets, like GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), avoid grains to restore healthy digestion for the treatment of IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Autism, learning disabilities, and other conditions.

Paleo/Primal diets eliminate grains (in addition to legumes and processed foods), on the premise that humans are genetically identical to our Paleolithic ancestors and should be eating the diet we evolved on; animal proteins, vegetables, fruit, and nuts.

Many traditional societies included grains in their diet, but always soaked, fermented, and sprouted their grains to neutralize phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Our industrialized processing techniques for separating the bran and germ, quick-rise breads, high heat extrusion for cereals, and granolas, are not ideal methods for grains.  The overwhelming amount of these foods in our diet (among other processed foods) is contributing to the growing health and digestive issues in our society.

Regardless of where you stand on the grain issue, this dish is delicious for any diet:

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    We love this recipe and all of the bottarga love you show on your website. We are the only domestic producers of Gray Mullet Bottarga in the U.S. and are trying to promote the fact that you can get it from wild-caught sustainably harvested fish, with the whole process done in Florida, rather than importing from Italy, Greece or Japan. Keep of the bottarga posts!!

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